Straw has suffered misconceptions in the past, however with technological advances and the shortage of shavings, chopped straw is fast becoming one of the most popular products on offer. The benefits far outweigh the historical negative connotations a straw bed held – with various options available.

There are two main types of chopped straw – Wheat Straw which is readily available and has vastly improved over the years and Rape Straw – now extremely popular due to its highly absorbent properties and ease of use. Both types of straw are very biodegradable, taking on average two to three months to rot down, rather than two to three years in the case of wood based products – making them highly beneficial for owners who have to pay for muck heap removal. Products using these raw materials, such as Nedz Original and Nedz Pro offer a comfortable, virtually dust free environment for your horse, as well as working out to be more financially viable due to the reduced amounts needed.

Rather than the age old dusty images that a straw bed conjures up – with the advances in ingredients and processes straw can now be treated with various formula’s to offer additional benefits. We use an exclusive formula called Natural Nedz, which contains Manuka – an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-insecticidal type of tea tree oil which is very good for sensitive skin and has no known side effects. This plus Aloe Vera and a natural bitter tasting ingredient to discourage eating, means we can offer horses a safe, healthy environment.