Stables Lives – time to regroup and refresh

The summer at Stable Lives allows us to refresh and regroup after a busy time leading up to the July holidays. In July we completed an adult course which supported amongst others military veterans, nurses and members of the fire service. Each person attending a course with us is allotted a rescue pony who they will take through the whole course with them. They get to know their characters and any mental or physical challenges that they have had to overcome. It is always a pleasure to see relationships form as confidence and trust develops.

Our children’s courses run throughout the year as we support children from referrals through schools, foster services, care homes and youth mental health teams. Our team of ponies are excellent at shining light into dark times of children’s lives and allowing them to learn and experience the joy of an equine friend.
We are so thankful for the support of Nedz bedding as our rescue ponies are the central point of what we do and their health and welfare is of paramount importance. Many of those who come to us are very distressed upon arrival and may take weeks or months to settle in their surroundings. Having a dust free, absorbent and comfortable bed is crucial to aid their recovery.
As we look forward to the Autumn, we will again be hosting adult courses and will gain increased referrals for children from schools and education services. In October we will be attending the Soldiering On Awards finals as we have been named as finalists in the Animal Partnership Category. We are exceptionally proud of our team of rescue horses and ponies and look forward to sharing their stories with many people at the awards and beyond!