Introducing Nedz supported Unicorn Joe

Carrie Byrom from the charity Stable Lives brings us up-to-date on their recent rescue addition Unicorn Joe, who Nedz are proud to be supporting this year.

“I am really pleased to be able to introduce you to a little rescue pony who has been placed within our organisation through the British Horse Society, Second Chance scheme. The scheme is designed to use the expertise of approved riding schools to give rescue horses and ponies a chance of rehabilitation and a secure home to feel safe in. Additionally in our yard rescue ponies are used within a mental health charity called Stable Lives which is based at Parbold Equestrian Centre. 

Joe, (aka Unicorn Joe if you are the 4 year old little girl on the yard who named him) was sent to us last year from an RSPCA foster home. He is a 4 year old little black cob who is a cheeky little chap but super friendly.

When we first get a rescue horse or pony we give them plenty of time to settle and learn the pattern of the day of the yard and allow them to gain trust in our staff.

Joe was quite nervous when he arrived, and we had been told that he didn’t like to go out with other horses but also didn’t really like to be on his own. With that in mind we buddied him up with another pony so that he could gain confidence in one friend with the hope that in the future he can settle within our little herd of rescue ponies.

We have begun to break him which is going really well. He is quite self assured in many ways and hasn’t been concerned with any particular stage so far. His biggest challenge is learning to stand calmly as he is always looking to go somewhere or do something, therefore part of his day involves being tied up in the tie up area with a haynet so that he can learn to settle there. Also as part of his training to work within the mental health charity we need him to settle and be happy to be brushed and led by inexperienced people so within current courses he is led out by staff and tied up amongst the other ponies just to give him confidence in learning his future role.

Over the next few weeks we aim for him to be happily working off the lunge and continue in his progression to being confident and happy to settle in different areas of the yard. He adores his nedz bed and can often been seen rolling and snoozing in it!”