Straw Pellet Bedding

Benefits of Nedz Bed Advance include…


Bullet Very economical
Bullet Easy to muck out
Bullet Highly biodegradable
Bullet Bitter tasting to discourage bed eating
Bullet Straw Pellet Bedding is capable of absorbing five times its weight in liquid
Bullet Available to be delivered direct from us, straight to your door
Bullet Average 60% to 70% reduction in waste over conventional bedding
Bullet Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non-toxic environment for your horse
Bullet Perfect for a variety of bedding options such as deep littering and also on rubber matting
Bullet Does not need watering when initially laid, naturally fluffing up to create an absorbent layer
Bullet Coated in our unique Natural Nedz formula which is made from all organic and herbal ingredients

Straw PelletS HORSE Bedding

Straw Pellets were introduced to provide dust-free comfortable beds for horses that do not need full mucking out as often as normal straw.

With only a little bedding needing removal each day, straw pellet bedding is very economical. Most users only need to replace 1 bag every 5 days or so.

Straw Pellets also decompose much better than any other type of horse bedding, simply add your waste to the muck heap – it makes great compost!

With straw pellets being lighter than wood pellets, Nedz Bed Advance goes further, needing less bags per stable.

Straw Pellet Bedding is far more sustainable than wood pellets. Nedz Bed Advance is made from the by-product of wheat farming, whereas it can cost up to 3 trees to make 1 ton of wood pellets.

How to use Nedz Bed Advance?

We recommend 6 – 8 bags for the initial set up of a 12ft x 12ft stable. This will create a thin layer over the bedding area, which will expand to a thickness of 2-3 inches within two days creating an absorbent mat for your horse. Do not water the bed. Remove dropping and wet patches daily but there is no need to turn over the whole bed. Add 1 new bag every 4-5 days.

Nedz Bed Advance

From: £365.50

You can order pallets of Nedz Bed Advance Straw Pellet Bedding direct to your door from us. There are 66 x 15kg bags on each pallet.

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