Bedding your veteran

Although equine retirement might suggest long lazy days in the field, the care and support needed for our more experienced equines is still just as vital as when they were in their prime. Older horses need products that will support their health and provide comfort in their twilight years, making Nedz the perfect choice for senior stablemates.

In order to keep older horses in good health and give them the best chance of thriving in their golden years, their environment must be hygienic and comfortable. Insects can become a source of irritation and can lead to secondary health problems such as fly bites and sweet itch. However, both Nedz products feature Natural Nedz, which is anti-bacterial and helps deter bacteria and bugs.

Absorbency is another key to hygiene and foot health; an even more imperative factor if horses are barefoot. For those suffering from painful conditions such as laminitis, the stable should offer “springing support”, and help keep painful feet away from a hard and uncomfortable surface.

Choosing Nedz, which is super absorbent and soaks up urine, will help keep harmful bacteria and ammonia away from hooves, as well as causing less irritation to delicate sinuses and the respiratory system.

A safe stable for a senior horse features bedding which does not slip – especially when used on a concrete floor – and should provide a deep base to ensure horses are always protected, especially important if they spend time lying down. Nedz Pro is designed to be deep littered, and creates a soft yet sturdy base that hardly moves once it is in place. This is the perfect grounding for an older equine requiring secure footing.

Having been through a rigorous dust extraction process, Nedz products are ideal for use when immunity and the respiratory system is compromised – particularly common in older horses. Virtually dust free, and with Silver, Aloe Vera, Manuka and Cade Oil forming part of the Natural Nedz treatment – your older horses can breathe easy in a Nedz stable.