Victoria Bax's blog: Back in action


Our sponsored ride, Victoria Bax is almost back to normal following her rotational fall a few months ago. In her latest blog she tells us why Crysto has had to take a bit more time to recover, how Salto is turning into a dressage extraordinaire and Popps is making an impact in her eventing career...

"It has certainly been all systems go since last month, to the point where I almost feel completely back to normal!
Last month I reported that Crysto was a little sore since coming back into work. Sadly after a visit from the physio, it was decided to take him up to the vets to be scanned in the area of his sacroiliac joint as it seemed the pain was coming from that area. This I did and fortunately my vet only found an Edema around the joint, which is basically a swelling which has formed in response to an injury sustained in that area during our accident. My vet was not overly concerned and suggested giving a steroid injection into the area to assist its repair, so this is what happened. I was told to give Crysto just three days off then start to bring him back into work slowly giving him more time to build the muscle back up again around this area. So our visit to the vet was more positive than I had worked myself up to thinking it would be. I figured if I prepared for the worst then hopefully the result would be better and it seems I was right, thank goodness! My vet said in repair terms it is still very early days for soft tissue damage repair so I just need to be patient but he sees no reason at all why Crysto will not make a full recovery and resume competition at the same level, if not higher."

"In the meantime, Crysto was already entered into another dressage competition in the two Elementary classes. So instead of losing my entry fee I decided that it was time for Salto to step up to the mark and substitute in for him in his first Elementary classes. This he did very well indeed scoring 67% and 66% in two of the hardest current Elementary tests to finish second in both classes, which I was absolutely thrilled with."

Salto dressage

"Later that day after returning home from the dressage my husband had arranged for a visit/demonstration from Cyclossage. The Cyclossage is a massage system built into a rug. We decided to look into this to see if it may assist Crysto's recovery. The Cyclossage was put on Crysto for 30 minutes and then I sat on him and had a little walk and trot around the arena. He immediately felt more comfortable and looked better in himself so we decided to invest in one. After all it would be used on all four of my team on a daily basis so a good investment we thought!"

"On the Sunday we took Popps out to our first event back following our accident at Eridge. Popps wore the Cyclossage for 30 minutes before her dressage and then I rode her for just 15 minutes before our test. She felt completely different to normal while warming up, but as usual when she entered that dressage arena things heated up a little and it became a little too much for her where she produced a score of 43 which was still an improvement however on her previous score at Hambledon, prior to my accident. She went on to jump a text book clear round in the showjumping and so onto the cross country. This was my first time back in a cross country warm up arena since my accident and I will be totally honest I was terrified and wondered what on earth I was doing back there again! However, after jumping a handful of warm up fences we soon got back into our stride and left the start box confidently. Things started well until half way round the course where we approached the coffin style fence and sadly here Popps took a compete dislike to it and this is where our day ended. I was rather upset as I really could have done with completing my first event back successfully, but as they say there is always another day!"


"The week after I took Forrest and Popps out to compete in a local unaffiliated dressage test to give them both a bit more experience in this field. Popps wore the Cyclossage for 30 minutes again and I rode for just 10 minutes before entering the arena to do our test.  I was in total amazement as Popps performed absolutely beautifully to produce her best test ever and most definitely her best score ever of 74%. Forrest was up next, where he warmed up beautifully despite finding the warmup arena surface a little deep. It was lovely to see his owner who had come to watch him for the first time. Forrest then produced a nice consistent test to score 63% which I was pleased with especially considering her has not been out anywhere since November last year!"

"Next stop the following day was the Area 8 Riding Cub Dressage Qualifiers. Salto had been called upon to substitute in for a lame horse in the Elementary class again. He produced another consistent score of 64% helping our team win the Senior Open Team competition, which sees us off to the Riding Cub Championships later this year. As the dressage had been held at a cross country venue, I had taken Popps along with me to nip round the course at the end of the day to hopefully combat our ditch issue from the previous week. Yes, you guessed it she jumped about six different ditches and didn't look at one of them, typical!"

Poppos Tweseldown

"Our third outing that weekend took us down to Tweseldown as a last minute substitution from a girl I had meet on Twitter. She had posted that her horse had gone lame and so if anyone wanted her entry they could have it. So we travelled down with Popps again to compete in the BE100 class. The Cyclossage come out again for 30 minutes prior to me getting on board and the now usual 15 minute ridden warm up and she produced her best yet BE dressage score of 34.5! She then jumped a beautiful and confident double clear to finish 7th."

"In the mean time at home I have been busy working Salto as his entry is now in for the British Dressage Regional Finals at Keysoe next weekend. He is feeling fantastic so fingers crossed we get a good result on the day, as he is most certainly capable of it."


"Our latest run was last weekend with Popps at Brightling Park where again we contested the BE100, scoring a 36.5 dressage and another super confident double clear to finish 15th, another good result for us. I was even complemented by the fence judges at the first water complex saying that I had ridden the water complex the best out of everyone all day and that they wished more people could have done it like that, little did they know my husband was standing next to them with his camera as they said this!"

"I have been back on Crysto a few times now and he is definitely feeling better every time, so fingers crossed that he keeps making albeit slow progress in the hope that he will complete a couple of BE100 Open classes before the season is out. So the next stop for me is a cross country schooling clinic that I am running with some of my current clients this weekend and then onto the BD Regionals with Salto next weekend before Popps returns for another BE100 at Carlton later this month. Until next time..."

Glad to see Victoria back out in action - we think the smile in this photo says it all...

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