Victoria Bax - You can never learn enough

Lately it’s been a time of learning and training for me.  On two occasions in the last month I’ve taken the 200 mile round trip to Gloucestershire to attend some British Eventing Coaches Training Days.  Both were extremely long days with 4.30am alarms and not arriving home until nearly 9pm, however both were absolutely worth the effort.
The first day was spent listening and learning from Chris Bartle (GB Eventing Team Trainer), Vere Phillips (horse dealer), Jenny Hall (GB Team vet) and a human physio, whose name escapes me, sorry!
Chris focussed a lot on the rider position, all 5 of them, so guess what my clients have been working on lately!
Vere and Jenny did a presentation on what to look for while purchasing a new horse; this was very entertaining as well as educating and could have filled the whole day!. The physio showed us some useful exercises to aid rider flexibility and in turn a better riding position and application of aids to improve performance.
The second trip was to Hartpury College for the International Eventing Forum which has been an annual trip for me for the last 5 years, and everytime I leave educated.  This year was no different!
Sandy Phillips started the day with some real eye opening work on the flat.  Followed by Eric Smiley with some thoughts on training the young horses. Charlie Unwin, performance Psychologist reminded us of the need to believe in yourself and horse. The new Swedish Team Eventing Coach wrapped up the day with some exercises for the more experienced horses.
I’ve been particularly busy recently due to an influx of schooling liveries so my own team preparations has taken a slight back seat, which isn’t a huge problem as gone are my days of starting the Eventing season in early March due the thought of competing in snow, sleet, rain, freezing temperatures and MUD!
IMG 1338
Having said that, it didn’t stop me setting up my arena cross country fences for a spot of fun and training a couple of weeks ago! I’ve also taken on a client’s pony to sell as it has turned out to be just a little too much for its young owner.
My pup Alfie, recently became rather “Randy” with one of my collies, so that was quickly nipped in the bud with him having a little operation to remove a certain part of his anatomy, so fingers crossed he’ll calm down a bit and she will get a bit of piece!
Lastly, the snow has made an appearance again with some freezing temperatures, so while the horses have had some duvet days the dogs have been having some fun.
Lots to look forward to this year so fingers crossed everything goes to plan!
Until next time...

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