Victoria Bax - Vet visits and last minute changes

Our first event of the season went well for Alberta's Rose. We headed down to South of England where we were contending the BE100 class.  

We produced a nice dressage test for a score of 33, although it should of been 31 had the jockey not forgotten to give & retake the reins!

We then went on to jump a super double clear, leaving us just outside the placings. 

The following week, Alberta's Rose came in from the field with a large lump under her jaw. That morning I had seen her and Alberta's Pride playing over the fence in the field so I suspect she may have received a blow to the area. I kept an eye on it for a couple of days but sadly Alberta's Rose was quite herself, not really eating, standing around in the corner of the field etc so I decided to call the vet to check it out. The vet reassured me that he suspected a tight cap on one of her last molar teeth coming through and as bone is weaker than the tooth enamel, the tooth pushes the bone in the lower jaw down causing the lump. He suggested that it will return to normal eventually. He gave me a course of painkillers and some antibiotics to help.

However, sadly the following afternoon she took a turn for the worse and I then suspected colic as she produced all the classic symptoms so I was straight back on the phone for an emergency vet visit.

The vet arrived and proceeded to check & treat for colic symptoms. She found that there was no blockage, Alberta's Rose just didn't want to go to the loo! We suspect that the antibiotics had caused her some discomfort so the vet gave me a course of injectable antibiotics for the next 5 days. Following his course of treatment I am pleased to say that she has returned to her usual self, albeit the lump on the jaw is still visible although going down slowly. I have been back on board her and she is feeling well, however, due to the painkillers she was given she was not fit and clear of drugs in order in time to run in her next event so was sadly withdrawn.

This meant however, that Crystal Ka was now heading to his first event of the year without a cross country schooling practise! This is not something I advise to do at all BUT, he has been established at Intermediate level for a few years now, I decided that by running him in an open 100 class that could be his schooling practise!

I did however decide to take him out to a local British Showjumping competition in the week running up to it, purely because he hadn't been out of the yard since September last year!

He did me proud and jumped two double clear rounds finishing 3rd in the Discovery class and 2nd on the 1.05m class.

So off we went to Horseheath for the BE100 open class. Our dressage time worked in our favour as it was before both the Showjumping and cross country action started which meant there was no tannoy sounding! We produced a lovely test for a score of 29. I think Crystal Ka took huge offence to being placed in the lower level class as he was not interested in making any effort at all in the Showjumping where he took 2 rails down. We then went on to jump a very easy clear inside the time cross country. A little disappointing result for him really considering the class he was contending but that's horses!

The following week I returned to Horseheath to run a cross country schooling clinic which went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt something new. The venue is amazing for schooling; I have never seen a venue with some much variety and space to train within. There was no waiting around to use jumps or combinations as there was just too many to get round in one session!

That's it for this month, but I have lots more events planned now so until next time...