Victoria Bax - The ups and downs in competition

Some goods and some not so goods his month!

7yr old Alberta's Rose contended the Novice at Smiths lawn at the beginning of the month where she did a nice dressage test and a decent sj round a tight and twisty course.  However, sadly she showed her greeness at a couple of the tricky and accuracy combinations that got the better of us.  So I managed to secure a late entry into Horse Heath the following weekend to give her a confidence boost round the BE100.


This we certainly did, round a fairly tricky course which was causing quite a few problems, including a brightly coloured boat in front of the water, a skinny roll top one stride out of the ditch and a double of corners, all of which she made very light work of, so much so that sadly we managed to notch up rather too many "speeding" time penalties that cost us the win having scored a 25.5 dressage and a super easy double clear, instead we had to settled for 5th.


This just goes to show the problem with training at the next level up when you do need to kick to get round and make the time, but then forget to slow back down again when you drop back down a level again!

IMG 0480

My other ride today was Amanda Gonella's gorgeous Zippie, who managed to contain himself a whole lot better than he did at Little Downham, to manage a 30 dressage and double clear; with this finally being his first xc run since October last year.  To say he was keen was an understatement so I kept the anchors down throughout for a safe round which secured us 6th place.


So another two top ten placings today along with two great dressage scores and two double clears, can't ask for more than that!


6yr old Alberta's Pride made his return to competition this month, just 7 months since diagnosis of suspensory damage to the right hind in January 2017.  I threw him in at the deep end too, having only ridden one Prelim test and a handful of BE90 tests, certainly not a Novice dressage test in his short life, I entered him for two Novices.


He was perfectly behaved from start to finish and gave it his best shot, scoring 65% in both tests and finishing 4th in N24 and 2nd in N34, which I was thrilled about as he was up against some older and much more experienced horses than him.

This comes a year since his last event before things took a turn for the worse. Fingers crossed this is now the start of good things and he is back for good.


The following week, Alberta's Pride returned to showjump competition to jump an immaculate double clear in the British Novice. I really need to remember when I'm only riding a 100/105 xc course and I'm riding a very big striding thoroughbred, to stop riding at Novice speed resulting in us incurring speeding penalties which push us out of the top spots. She makes the time soooooo easily as she takes everything out of her stride.


Alberta's Rose is pure class! She made very light work of the BE105 class this month at Wellington lying 4th after dressage in a rather high scoring section (I was on 34) and an easy classy double clear, sadly with too many speeding penalties pushing us down from 2nd to 4th. The plan is for her to return for another crack at Novice level before the season is out.


August also saw the welcoming of a new member to me team, 10 week old Alfie the Jack Russell!  He is extremely adorable, very playful and gets incredible amounts of attention wherever we go and I love him to bits already!

 IMG 0561