Victoria Bax practices preparation and patience!

Victoria Bax is learning that patience is a virtue. Although not flying out of the blocks to start her 2015 season too soon, there is lots of preparation going on to ensure that when she starts, success will be within reach!

"It seems I have been extremely busy teaching over the last month getting everyone else ready for the season while mine has sadly taken a back seat. Crysto won't be starting his season in March, so I am not rushing to get the others out there. Also the ground is just so wet, I am being a bit more patient than usual!"

"Frankie appears to have left the broncing days behind him thankfully, and is much more forward, having even popped over some small fences again. Since having her teeth done Tilly has been so much more maneuverable and willing to turn right. She is coming on leaps and bounds and has been tested a bit more over some tricky show jumping exercises which she just seems to keep on working out and bravely popping through which is great for what her future career holds."

"Milli has been moving much more forward in the arena too recently. Earlier this month I took my annual trip to the International Eventing Forum held at Hartpury College where I got to watch top riders being trained by top trainers. I picked up a few tips with regards to encouraging a horse to be more forward and have been very pleased with how Milli has accepted this, so keep your fingers crossed it continues to work!"Victoria Bax 24 Feb

"Forrest has enjoyed his first step back on a XC course and was extremely keen, keeping me on my toes with some broncing out there too. We only played over some small fences as I was testing out my accelerator and brakes and just wanted to have some fun. It takes a little bit of time for both horse and rider to get back in the XC mode again. He is booked in next weekend when I will step up the questions asked of him."

"Crysto is now into week 11 of rehab work which means we can introduce canter work which I am really excited about, but apprehensive at the same time as he hasn't cantered for some months now so it is guaranteed to be rather lively; my neck strap will definitely be at the ready! I have continued to run my grid work and course jumping clinics at a local venue which have been extremely well supported. I hope to continue these as often as I can but obviously when my Event season really gets going this may be more difficult."

"I recently had an exciting conversation with a new owner regarding her lovely tb horse, which she brought over for me to have a sit on recently. We got on well and the plan now is to take him XcC schooling - and if all goes to plan he will come under my wing to event for the season. He is established at BE Novice level so he will be a welcomed addition to my team of youngsters!"

"Lastly, my lovely lorry has passed its plating and so is up and running and road legal for another year, so hopefully that gives me the incentive to get booking some outings now! Don't forget to come and say hi if you see us out and about. Good luck everyone for the season ahead."