Victoria Bax opens the season with a new ride!

Victoria Bax is on countdown to the start of her season - and what a season it is shaping up to be, with a new ride to add to her team! Exciting times indeed, and lots to catch up on!

"It is finally all systems go as we are now T minus 4 days until my eventing season officially kicks off for Forrest and my new ride Rock Step (Rocky)"

"I have been riding Rocky once a week, mainly jump training as that is the bit his owner currently can't do as she is pregnant. She has been continuing to compete him at BD successfully and is happily schooling him during the week so we decided it would be best for me to keep him ticking over fences on a weekly basis. I am very happy with where we are right now and we seem to be building a lovely partnership together."

"We have been out to our first BS competition only on a ticket though so no prizes yet, but I was absolutely thrilled to have gained two double clear rounds in the Discovery and 1.05 Open classes. His owner was very close to tears when she watched us compete so I think it is very safe to say she is entirely happy with her choice asking me to compete him this season. We have been out xc schooling too, which went superbly well with just a couple of minor hiccups where I think I got a little bit complacent and let Rocky run away with me (which he is very good at!) but once that was addressed we were very much back on track. As a result of all our training Rocky is entered into Munstead 100 Open along side Forrest who will also be going and contending the 100 class."

"Forrest has also been out to the BS show and jumped a lovely double clear in the British Novice and just rubbed two poles in the Discovery so a good outing for him too. He has xc schooled for a second time too where I asked a lot more of him and he stepped up to the mark very well, so I now feel he is ready to get back out there again where we left off last season."

"There has been good news for Crysto too as he now enters week 16 of rehab. He has been cantering for a few weeks and has already completed a couple of fast work and jump sessions. Touching wood, he appears to be all in order and is certainly feeling well in himself. He just needs a play back out in a xc course before he attends his first event which I'm hoping will be Goring in a couple of weeks time. It is always a worrying time when you are bringing a horse back into work and you start to introduce more intense work as only time will tell if the injury will stand up to the work. My vet did say the most telling time will be the introduction of fast work, so fingers crossed we appear to be fine for now! I have reintroduced the Arc Equine unit on a maintenance program for Crysto as I figure as I have it I might as well make use of it!"

"I have been doing lots of work with Milli in my arena, introducing her to more solid looking fences in the hope that when she gets out on a xc course she takes it in her stride. I have improvised and set up fences using tyres, an old shed gate as a palisade type fence and a home made brush type fence. I lunged her over them a few times to get her used to them and have also ridden her over them too. Following that we ventured out onto the xc course and she has now encountered some small solid fences, along with ditches, steps up and down and water. She was a little apprehensive so she will need to repeatedly go back out on course again before she will be anywhere near riding a course. Although she may be turning 6 years old this year she has the physical body and mentality of a 4 year old so I will definitely be taking my time with her!"


"Tilly and Frankie on the other hand are strengthening up nicely and are feeling much bolder than Milli. They too have experienced the solid arena xc fences both on the lunge and ridden, so I will probably get them out on a xc course when I have a spare 5 minutes too!
I have a new boy on my yard currently, a nicely bred 7 year old tb named Robbie who is with me until he is sold as his breeder/owner can no longer keep him. He is a very nice boy and definitely one I would be interested in if I could find an owner to buy him for me! Until then though I have the privilege of working him and showing him off to prospective buyers."


"I am coming to the end of my run of winter clinics as I just haven't got the time to continue these through the eventing season which is very sad really as they have been so very well supported by clients new and old and I do have continued demand for them as shown this month where I have run one every weekend and have been fully booked for every one of them! I will be running the odd one or two when I can find a spare weekend, so please do keep an eye on my Facebook page for details of when and where! Good luck everyone for the season ahead and let's hope it's a great one for everyone."