Victoria Bax - Nothing is going to plan!

Well 2017 certainly doesn't seem to be going to plan in any way shape or form. 

A few things have happened which have hampered any of my plans to get started. 

Firstly, as I mentioned in my blog last month, very sadly Alberta's Pride aka Frankie my 6 yr old has picked up a serious injury so has been on box rest for the past month under vet advice.  I have also been using the Arc Equine technology and am well into his rehabilitation hand walking plan, which is certainly keeping me fit seeing as we are now up to 30 mins a day!

It hasn't been boring I can tell you, in fact it is currently the worst 30 minutes of my day especially the day that Storm Doris hit and Frankie found it incredibly difficult to keep all four hooves on the floor.  I am very sensibly wearing a hat and gloves and using a bridle and lunge line but that doesn't make it any easier.

I am keeping everything tightly crossed that all my efforts will pay off and he will make a full recovery given time.

If that's not bad enough, three weeks ago I had planned to take both Crystal Ka and Alberta's Rose out Showjumping for the day.  We loaded up and off we went however, that didn't go to plan either as not 5 minutes after leaving my yard my lorry broke down!  Thankfully, as I was so close to home, I was able to phone my groom at home and she met me at the side of the road and we hacked both horses home to safety.  I then returned to the lorry and awaited recovery, which arrived some five hours later!  My lorry was towed away direct to my local garage which is where it still is 3 weeks later & with no finish date in sight.

If that isn't bad enough, it was also due its annual plating test the following week which I booked back in December as I know how difficult it is to get a date.  Very kindly the test centre changed the test date to a couple of weeks later, however I have just found out today that the repairs won't even be fixed by the new date which was this week.  I have now had to grovel again to the test centre in the hope that they can give me another plating date in another few weeks time.  I am yet to receive a response regarding this though. 

So I am officially without lorry and off the road until the plating test date as my current plating ran out at the end of February.  

I am unable to make any plans for events until I know it is road legal again and considering I haven't even made it out for any showjumping or cross country practise yet either, I can't see my season starting anytime soon.  

With all this happening or not happening, it is very hard to stay motivated with my own horses, all two of them, so they are both having a bit of a quiet time and I am keeping myself busy with coaching and clinics; making hay while the sun shines in order to pay for everything!

What a start to my season, anyone want to swap?