Victoria Bax is nearly back in the saddle

Our sponsored rider, Victoria Bax is now back in the land of the living following her nasty fall at Hambleden International on 21st April.

"Crysto and I were contending the Intermediate class and typically doing rather well until the penultimate cross country fence which resulted in me ending up in The Royal London Hospital having a tear to my Intestines repaired," Victoria tells us. "I have now been out of hospital for 3 weeks and am recuperating at home."

"I don't know which is better, being stuck in a hospital bed with nothing to do or being at home watching helplessly out of the window as my grooms run around seeing to the horses as I am not able to do anything! This is so frustrating as when I was released I did actually think I would be able to do a few bits and pieces but when I have tried I have been in a great deal of pain so I have realised that I have actually just got to sit around and do nothing. You wouldn't believe just how much you use your stomach muscles to do things until you can't, such as opening a door, flushing the toilet or sweeping the yard! That is the hardest thing to do when you are a very active person as you can imagine."

Victoria Bax recovering web

"I am so grateful to everyone, including my friends and family and my many followers and supporters on both Facebook and Twitter who have all rallied around and helped out enormously. My husband Jason has been absolutely amazing and to be honest I don't know how he has coped with everything. He is good, but not that good that he can manage to put out and muck out, get in, ride, etc all the horses whilst still travelling to London everyday to work! So instead he has organised our grooms very efficiently plus organised for our good friend Rosie Bates to continue to exercise 3 of our horses to keep them ticking over ready for my return, hopefully this week. Both my trainers, Tina Atkins and Lucy Thompson, have been so supportive too and I have ben fortunate to receive regular phone calls from them both to keep me feeling positive ready for my imminent return, so I would like to thank them also for being there for me."

"I have been having regular twice weekly visits to my Doctors since returning from hospital in order to keep a check on my wound to ensure that it is healing well. Sadly when I went to have the staples removed the wound had become a little infected so not all the staples were able to be removed and I was sent away with some stronger painkillers and some antibiotics. Three days later I returned to see a much happier nurse as the infection had definitely reduced and she was able to remove the last few staples that were too painful to be removed previously. The wound still require a bit help in healing so steri stripes were put on it encourage this."

"I returned to the Doctors again recently to have the steri stripes removed and to be told everything was back on track and healing well. As soon as I was told this what do you think my first question to the Nurse was? Yes you got it, do you think I can get back on board next week?! Thankfully as the nurse is a horsey lady as well, she totally agreed that it would do me the world of good mentally to get back on board for a little walk around the arena. However she gave me strict guidelines that I must have someone with me, it must only be walk, I must use a really tall mounting block and it must be on a quiet horse! We'll have to see about that!"

"Crysto appears to be feeling much better in himself now thankfully. He has been seen by my vet and physio twice already and is having another check up with my physio tomorrow so yes you guessed it, all being well Crysto my Wonderboy will be the horse I will be sitting on first.  After all we have been through so much together, I trust him to be as safe as houses for my return. I do realise things will be slow and just riding one horse a day for a while will be quite frustrating for me but at least I can spend some of my time with my boy. He has had a month off work to recuperate too so he will need a bit of walking first off anyway so what better way than to recuperate together!"  

"All being well, Crysto will now be aimed at the Retraining of Racehorse Championships at Barbury International at the beginning of July as our come back event. We have competed there for the last two years so should hopefully feel quite confident in riding round the track there plus it runs as in Intermediate Novice class which means we will return to competition with an Intermediate dressage test and show jumping track and a Novice cross country track to hopefully give us both the confidence boost we will need to see us progress back up to Intermediate level later this season."

"In the mean time, I have been back out and about teaching, either with clients coming to me and bringing their own arena party with them to move the jumps as I am unable to lift things still or my husband driving me around to local places! Still it has got my mind occupied again and given me a purpose again as standing in the middle of an arena surely won't do my recovery any harm!"

"Finally I have now been back on board Crysto for a walk four times and thankfully everything feels good so hopefully next time I will be able to report back that I am riding fully and preparing for our next events, and maybe having even been out cross country schooling or competing in some dressage in the hope of Crysto joining Salto in his qualification for the British Dressage Regional Finals at the end of July."