Victoria Bax blogs about the plans for 2014

January seemed to disappear at a speedy rate and here we are again catching up with sponsored rider Victoria Bax! 

"My aim for this year is to complete a whole season Eventing and not miss half of it through being stuck in a hospital bed! I am sure my husband is thinking the same too as I don't think he could cope with me being out of action and not allowed to ride for a couple of months again!"

"Seriously though, I have made plans already and have mapped out the start of the Eventing season for each of my horses individually. It is certainly going to be a costly one this year as I now have Forrest to seriously compete on this season too, so that is three of my team all up for British Eventing subscriptions in 2014. Forrest will start with an 80 class, to start where we left off at the end of last year. All being well he will move swiftly up to 90 and 100 level fairly early on in the season and maybe onto a Novice for the end of the season but we will have to see about that! Popps will complete a couple of 100 classes and then all being well will make the step up to Novice with the aim of completing a CIC1* by the end of the year. As she has progressed so well on the flat through the winter period I feel confident to move her up a level now. It is the dressage she struggles with so this has always held us back, but fingers crossed we will make the step up successfully. Crysto will start the season around an Open Novice class as he is unable to compete in the novice class due to him already having points at Intermediate level. He will complete 2 or 3 of these classes to ensure that his confidence has been rebuilt following our fall last year and then hopefully push back on up to Intermediate level with the aim of completing a CCI2* by the end of the season.  You never know he may just make his Advanced debut that was originally planned for last year but we will have to see about that too!"

VB Dressage Jan 2014
"As for Salto he will continue to compete at British Dressage and will look to qualify him for the Summer Regional Finals at Elementary level and then would really like to step up to Medium level with him too, that is so long as he doesn't sell in the mean time! Sadly he does not have the desire to Event like the rest of my team but he is fabulous in the dressage arena so although I am having great fun competing him in the dressage arena, my passion really lies with Eventing and he is taking up a stable which could potentially have anther event horse in it so he is still for sale. I am pretty certain he will make Advanced Medium level dressage at least, but again we shall see! As for Frankie, he will be backed and broken in over the coming months with the aim of getting him comfortably out hacking, lightly working on the flat and having popped over a few fences too. He will really come into his own in 2014 though hopefully as he is only just turning 3 this year!"

"In the meantime since Christmas, I have been extremely busy teaching and running clinics mainly in and around the Essex area, but I do travel further afield if the need is there. I can be contacted through my website, Facebook page or twitter if you would like to arrange a lesson or clinic but please do hurry as I am pretty booked up going forward! I have been having great fun running arena cross country technique clinics, so teaching clients how to jump the more technical fences such as corners, arrowheads, skinnies etc all from the safety of an all weather surface. It has been great to see people enjoying this and learning at the same time."

VB Arena XC
"I have been working my team more to increase their fitness and have also been practising arena cross country with my them too as currently the weather conditions are making it too difficult to get out on a real course yet, so arena cross country is the next best thing I reckon! Needless to say as soon as the weather dries a little I will be right back out there for a few practises on grass before we get going. Once the season gets into full swing though I will have to scale back the teaching a little to be able to concentrate on my team as after all they are my number one priority aren't they!"

"I have jumping and dressage lessons planned for myself and my team over the next few weeks to really get us up and running for the Event season to start as it is only T Minus 7 weeks until the fun starts again, I am so excited for this year! Good luck for the season ahead everyone and come and say Hi if you do see us out and about this year."