Victoria Bax - All in a days eventing!

September brought the return to competition for Crystal Ka for the first time since our mishap with the ditch in early June.  

A quick 200 mile round trip to Goring Horse Trials in Oxford for the Intermediate Novice class resulting in a neat test for a score of 30 (70%), then a sack the jockey moment in the show jumping where I interfered far too much causing two rails to fall but a super easy clear XC with 0.4 time faults to follow as I stupidly set my watch for 2 seconds longer than the optimum time, therefore slowing up a mere second too quickly, doh!

Getting back out on Crystal Ka is like getting back out in my Ferrari having spent the last few months competing only the youngsters; it hasn't half made me appreciate him again!


The following week at Munstead, Alberta's Rose picked up another top ten placing in her last BE100 class but the star of the day must go to Alberta's Elegance; she was back again after pretty much all season off for one reason or another to produce a super 30 dressage then one green moment in both the sj and the xc but completed her first event of the season none the less. She really is the tricky one of my gang but bit by bit I seem to be making progress with her tricky little mind and I'm definitely winning!


To end September we took a trip down to South of England for the last of my big runs for the year, with Crystal Ka contending the Intermediate and Alberta's Rose turning her hooves to step up to her first Novice. The day didn't quite go to plan as although the horses were great, I'm afraid to say I seriously let Crystal Ka down.

This just about sums up the day incorporating the serious highs and the serious lows of a day's eventing;

Serious Highs...

1. To feel like you have ridden a super Intermediate dressage test then to have the New Zealand legend, Blyth Tait, walk past you enroute to your arena commenting, "that'll do then!" And later to find out you scored a whooping 23.6 penalties (76.3%) which you know your boy is more than capable of WHEN he finally relaxes! It's only taken till he is 14yrs old!

2. Your 6 yr old Mare who you backed and broke in yourself just 2 years ago popping very neatly indeed round her very first BE Novice class in the main arena at South of England showground.

3. Nursing said 6 yr old mare 3/4 of the way round her very first BE Novice Xc track until the last combination became just that little too much of an ask for her level.

Serious Lows...

1. When said 6yr old mare shows her inexperience at the corner combination and twists in the air throwing you out the side door; but swiftly getting back on for a schooling session round the rest of the track! 

2. Needing to change your original plan of attack due to an early mishaps and landing yourself 20pens for crossing your tracks enroute round the black flag option, grrr!

3. Encountering a stop at the bottom of a big hill over a hanging log when jumping into complete darkness being later in the day.

4. Riding your most experienced horse round the Intermediate Xc track & being rather rusty in your riding of said big track and completely ballsing it up requiring said experienced horse to dig very very deep indeed to get you out of trouble.

 Next month sees the last couple of my events to wrap up another busy eventing season and the start of my winter training clinics.

 Until next time...