There is more to Nedz than meets the eye

For many horse owners, bedding has become somewhat of a stressful decision – with a struggle to balance cost and functionality with ensuring the health benefits that equestrians know are so vital when it comes to stable hygiene. With many different products on the market now – it can be a minefield for people to choose the perfect solution.

The main purposes of equestrian bedding is to soak up urine and manure, provide a safe and stable base to support hooves and joints, protect against knocks and scrapes and give a comfortable platform for equines to lie down on.

For some horse owners mucking out is a necessary evil and functionality is key – quick, easy and mess-free is the main priority in order to be time efficient and free up time for riding! However for others, mucking out is a therapeutic part of horse care, and presenting their stable beautifully, taking price in mucking out and feeling content when their equine is safely housed is of equal importance to the practical side.

The perfect bed should offer exceptional absorbency to help alleviate moisture and reduce the chance of ammonia entering in the environment. In addition, bedding should be dust extracted to prevent unnecessary moulds and spores from upsetting respiratory systems – for both horse and carer – and it should be unpalatable – or treated – to discourage horses from snacking. The raw material that bedding has been made from should be carefully sourced and of the highest quality to reduce the risk of contaminants and ensure full traceability, and bedding should also be easy to muck out, quick rotting and cost effective. It is quite a list to consider!

Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro go through a tough process before being baled and packaged. From sourcing the best quality wheat and rape straw from around the UK, to the state of the art chopping, dust extraction and sterilization processes that each fibre goes through.

And it doesn’t stop there. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are both treated with a completely organic and natural formulation, Natural Nedz, which contains Manuka, Cade Oil, Silver and Aloe Vera to provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

The wrong bedding can have implications to your horse’s health – causing all manner of issues from thrush to COPD. Choosing a high quality, professionally manufactured brand can make a difference to owners’ stress levels, purse strings and time management. 

Mary and Emily King with their Nedz Bedding delivery

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