The professional’s choice of bedding…

We all know what a bad night’s sleep can do to our own concentration and performance levels. A bed which is not supportive and comfortable is not likely to be conducive to waking up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to perform.

With that in mind, chopped straw bedding manufacturers, Nedz, are urging horse owners to consider the effect that inefficient bedding could have on their equine’s training and competition abilities.

There is a lot more to bedding than meets the eye, and Nedz have spent many years researching and developing their products in order to meet the demands of performance equines. With nearly fifteeen years of providing equine bedding to leading riders around the UK, equestrians such as Geoff Billington, Mary & Emily King and Steph Croxford all choose Nedz for a number of reasons.

The performance horse’s joints need to be fully supported, particularly before and after intense exercise. This makes it essential to choose a bedding which does not slip or move, provides a stable and substantial base and yet is quick to muck out. Nedz provides two types of bedding - Nedz Original which is chopped wheat straw, and Nedz Pro which is chopped rape straw. Both products are soft yet sturdy to create the perfect foundation for a performance horse’s down time.

The performance horse’s respiratory system needs to be fully supported - which means choosing a bedding that is fully dust extracted and exceptionally absorbent to reduce the levels of ammonia in the environment. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are chopped and shredded during a carefully designed manufacturing process, to expose the fibres in the straw which enables the products to absorb a high level of moisture - more so than wood shavings. In addition, a recently installed state of the art dust extraction process means that Nedz products are as close to being dust free as any bedding can be.

The performance horse’s immune system needs to be fully supported - which is why it is so important to choose a bedding that offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are both treated with Natural Nedz which is an exclusive, organic formulation containing Manuka, Cade Oil, Silver and Aloe Vera to provide a pleasant aroma and a host of health boosting benefits.