Team King - Happy holidays

The horses are happy on their holidays. Now the weather is getting colder they are wearing outdoor rugs and are having Baileys balancer and Conditioning mix, also some Marksway High Fibre Horse Hage. All are now unshod, and are loving being real horses again! I weaned Tess's foal Kizzy, who was bay when she was born, but is now turning grey.
Emily is having a wonderful time out in Germany with Dargun, working and training with Marco Kutscher.
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We now have five recipient mares from Beaufort Embryo Transfer Centre. Two are carrying Zara's baby by Royaldik, two are carrying Zara's baby by Jaguar Mail, and one is carrying Tess's baby by Cevin Z.... so 5 foals next year!
November, the 'quiet month' has flown by. I had a great time teaching out in the US...two days in Kentucky (cold), and two days at Exmoor Eventing in Florida (lovely and warm!). I was the main speaker at the Inaugural Horse and Hound Awards evening at Ascot racecourse, which was a lovely evening. 
I'm off to Tenerife tomorrow to meet up with The Grey Goose, the 52' catamaran on whom I am doing my first transatlantic crossing. There are five of us onboard, and we hope to get to Antigua by Dec 16th...eeek..exciting!! David, my husband, plus Emily, Freddie and my mother are flying out and we are going to have Christmas in the sun...what a treat!