Team King - Bring on 2018

So another year is coming to an end. Nick Rule our brilliant farrier is booked for Jan 2nd then it’s all steam ahead with 12 horses coming back in to work to prepare for the 2018 event season.

I weaned the foals at the end of November, and took the recipient mares back to the Beaufort Embryo Transfer Centre. The foals are coping well without their mothers, despite the mud! They live out day and night in a big field with plenty of shelter. I have been giving them a daily feed of Baileys Stud Balancer and Stud Cubes, plus some High Fibre Marksway HorseHage.


We give our fields around the yard a couple of months rest, renting friendly farmers fields for all the horses. I topped and rolled ours with my Logic rotary topper and ballast roller before the ground became too wet. The horses will now have fresh paddocks for turn out once they are back in work.


All foals should be registered by the year end. To enable this the vet came to microchip them and fill out their descriptions, which I sent off with a DNA sample to SHB(GB) for their first passport. I have wormed them and they have had their first flu injection.


Brookleigh, who has had time out following the injury he sustained at Badminton last year, started work at the beginning of Dec, much to his, and Emily’s delight! Emily has taken Quinn the stallion out to Marcus Ehning’s in Germany (the most stylish show jump rider in the world), where she is working in exchange for some training for 4 weeks. She is living in the lorry, and it has been very cold (-4) and snowy!!


Amadeus has sadly been sold to a French rider, as we need to keep selling the occasional one to help the owners. I have finished breaking in Tilly, my 3 yr old, so she is back out and I won’t progress more with her until the summer. A week away with David before Christmas was such a treat. We went to Kenya spending a few lazy days on the beach, and then visited friends nr Lake Naivasha..wonderful!


Fingers crossed for a happy successful 2018 for us all!