Sue Kinrade from the Isle of Man

"We have been using rubber matting on our yard for several years with which ever dust extracted shavings were cheapest! Some absorbency is needed but as the stables were purpose built the mats are on"feet" and the drainage fall is excellent, however we still found the mats and drains getting clogged very quickly."

"I tried Nedz Pro as a friend gave me a bag, (a swop for ticket to a barn dance!). We simply use a muck scoop to "shake and vac" action a semi circle, leaving an area in front of ground hay feeder free. The farmer/small holders who help reduce our muck heap prefer Nedz as it rots down quickly and has its own "goodness" to add (and I'm told by one of our regular flower club ladies looks more natural and has pretty colouring!), the shavings take so much longer and the wood pellets have been vetoed by all of them as unsuitable."

"I have tried a lot of products/combinations over 30 years and for me the rubber mats and Nedz Pro gives by far the best solution, in fact even without rubber mats this would still be my choice as a full bed."