Steph updates us on her trip to Olympia

Since the last update from Steph she has battled on with the snow and competed a very keen Mr P at Olympia! It started brilliantly with Steph opening up the Olympia programme and seeing a big picture of Totilas opposite a big picture of Mr P - in her words "I think that will be the first and last time we are on the same page as Totilas!"

"The preparation was certainly not ideal for Olympia," she told us. "The snow caused havoc and I didn't actually canter him until the sunday at Olympia - so to say that we were a little excited is an understatement! I would say that the Grand Prix was a bit 'fly by the seat of our pants' and can only describe it as a little rough round the edges - however we performed all of the movements so were a little disappointed with our 66.7% mark - especially when other competitors (mentioning no names) had horses that totally blew up and failed to perform movements and scored higher than us! But as we all know - that is dressage!" Read the rest of her blog, and see a video of them performing here.