Steph survives the Winter Dressage Championships with Mr Hyde

Steph updates us on her experience at the Winter Dressage Championships and looks forward to a great summer with Mr P!

"Well we did the championships and we survived," she says! "I was second to go in the class and Mr Hyde did exactly as he was told, we made no major mistakes but our sheet was almost blank! We scored 64% but there were very few comments as to why - which was a shame!"

"After that we went and did a Stephen Clarke BHS Spring Convention where we were the PSG guinea pig! Clyde was a really good boy, he really surprised me as he was the 'non spooky' horse who had to stand by the audience to give the 'spooky' one confidence! He was so chilled out and did all the twiddly bits needed! It was great to get him in front of the audience."

"Mr P has been on good form, he scored 70% in a warm up test at Keysoe Premier League and came 4th - he even won £50! It was a great line up of Emile Faurie, Amy Stovold and Judy Harvey and then me in fourth so the old boy did good! Next stop is Tatton Park to do the qualifier, although I am hoping we may have enough points to get a wild card to the nationals!"