Steph starts a new trend at Somerford Premier League

Our sponsored rider Steph Croxford has just returned from a relaxing break in the South of France with her family! However before that it was action packed, as she tells us in her latest blog... "We took both Mr Hyde and Mr P to Vale View at the beginning of the month and Mr P was very pleased to be out! Clyde did not make a single mistake in either of his tests - the Inter 2 and the Grand Prix and he got 65% and 64% which I was a bit disappointed with."

"Mr P was in fact a complete hoon and made mistakes in the Grand Prix and did pretty much as he liked! However he still managed to beat Clyde by 1.5%! It was baffling as a rider because the test that felt better was Clyde's yet he got a lower mark! Just goes to show!"

"We then took Clyde to Addington. He was a bit tense in the PSG but got over 68& and then felt better in the Inter 2 and in both tests he came in the top ten. Then we went to Somerford Premier League and did the Inter 2 first and Clyde didn't do anything wrong, however the rider was completely pants! At first I didn't know if they had run the bell, so checked with Peter Storr and he said yes it was my bell, so I then galloped up the other end of the arena, went down the centre line and halted where I thought I should be only to realise that I was about 4 metres out! Not a great start! Yet we still managed to get 68% even with all my silly mistakes. Next came the PSG and he felt really rideable, soft, round and relaxed over his back - yet we only scored 62%! Shows what I know about dressage! We had lots of fun at Somerford because Annabel decided to start a new trend by plaiting Mr Hyde with her 'friendship bracelet' bands - which were fluorescent yellow and orange! It did cause some amusement! Next stop is Sheepgate to do our first official Grand Prix! Watch this space..."

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