Steph qualifies for the Nationals with Mr P

Having been through the trials and tribulations of horses last month, we were pleased to hear some good news when chatting to Steph Croxford today! "We took Mr P to Sheepgate as a last minute late entry," Steph tells us. "We were taking Clyde to do two Advanced tests and as Rimmer had been going so well we thought we may as well take him as well - and I am very glad we did!"

"He was very naughty in the first Grand Prix - he stuck his tongue out at the judge as we went down the first centre line and then he proceeded to run off with me in my one time changes - think more like extended gallop! I was very embarrassed and couldn't even bear to go and look at the scoreboard as I was convinced there would be a 5 at the front of my score! The only positive I took out of it at the time was that at least people could see how well he was feeling - he was so full of it and acting like a 3 year old! However when Simon returned he told me I had got 68% and won the test! I was over the moon."

"The next day we did our second Grand Prix test and he was much better, I knew how to ride him from the day before and could just sit there rather than pushing him, he didn't put a foot wrong and came out with 69% - winning the test again! This means that we have qualified for the Nationals which is a bit of a shock! He really is firing on all cylinders and feels like a spring chicken at the moment - long may it continue. So my aim is to keep all four wheels on and aim for the Nationals now - there is no point taking him out for the sake of it, so watch this space!"

"Meanwhile Clyde has been very good and won his Advanced 102 at Sheepgate as well and is consistently getting over 66%."