Steph prepares for the regionals

We are very pleased to hear from Steph Croxford that Mr P is doing very well and feeling on form! "He is heading in the right direction," she tells us. "He has actually been quite naughty recently which is always a good sign! He is also feeling very important again as Horse & Hound are running a piece on him in a forthcoming issue! I have been aiming for Myerscough Premier League but I am not sure he will be totally ready and I don't see the point in rushing him, so we will see!"

"Mr Hyde also had his name in lights recently when he won at Vale View and got his picture in Horse & Hound. He has now qualified for the summer regionals so we have to decide what the plan with him is next, but up until the end of February we are simply focusing on the winter regionals, he is going really well and Richard (Davison) is pleased with him so fingers crossed!"

"Ancy did her first ever test and she was a very naughty girl! She warmed up beautifully but had a bit of a meltdown when she got in the arena! To be fair to her it was howling a gale and the only place she has ever been taken to is the stud and the vet's to be AI'd! So we can't really blame her! In the second test she went down the center line, turned left, planted herself, chucked her head up in the air and whinnied! When Adam asked her to go forward she started humping her back! So the project with her is to get her out and about in as many arenas as possible!"

"We are looking forward to the regionals at Myerscough with Mr Hyde in a few weeks time! Wish us luck!"