Steph prepares for the Regionals and Mr P's progress looks promising

Steph Croxford updates us on her news. "Simon has had his cast off and although I thought he would hit the ground running it appears it is going to be a slower process than I thought," Steph admits. "He is now in intensive physio and still on crutches so I think it will be weeks until he is back in the saddle. It is his left foot as well so getting on board could be a problem!"

"We are all ready for the Regionals at Somerford Park next week, I have a lesson with Richard (Davison) today and despite Clyde developing a slight attitude problem and spending rather a lot of time on his back legs over the last few days, we are getting organised! We are going to have to do an arena walk at 7am which means a very early start on the 8th August!"

"Captain Mac (the horse Simon was riding when he broke his leg) is now continuing his education with a brilliant eventing jockey, Nicky, who has now got him hacking out and working well in the school, he will do anything for her and I think although he will do a very good dressage test as he has a very active hock and is very striking he could well be destined to event or show jump."

"We are bringing our new four year old grey mare, Bridie in to work soon and also Ancy, the mare we bred our new foal George from, so we will have two girls to play with. Bridie was bought as a 16.1hh, however she is more like a 15.2hh on tippy toes! Mr P has been checked by the vet who is very pleased with his progress, he is trotting up sound and the plan is to bring him back very slowly over the winter to come out next spring, there is no point rushing him for this year as there isn't really anything to aim for so it is better to give him more time to heal."

"We will let you know how the Regionals go next week - hopefully Clyde won't disgrace himself." We wish Steph lots of luck and look forward to hearing how the pair get on!