Steph is snowed in

Poor Steph Croxford and family are battling against the snow this month, not the ideal preparation for the Nationals!

"Everything was heading in the right direction," Steph told us. "I had lessons and competitions planned in advance of the Nationals on 12th April, however then the snow came!"

"In 15 years of living here I have never seen anything like this! We had to get the youngsters down from the top fields because we couldn't even get the quad bike up there to feed them, so they are being pampered now! The poor farmers have sheep ready to lamb this week and they are all stuck on the moor, every time the snow is cleared off the roads the wind blows it straight back on there. The area where we hack the horses has a wall of 15ft snow where it has been cleared and piled up - that isn't going to thaw in a hurry!"

"We have just over two weeks until the Nationals with Clyde and we are determined to be there! Wish us luck!"

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