Steph is off to the regionals, Mr P's first outing is coming up and don't forget those lecture demos!

Steph has a busy month coming up with competitions and the start of her exciting lecture demos. We managed to catch her in between cleaning and putting the kids to bed to find out what she has been up to, and her plans for March. "We have the Regional Championships at Willerby in Hull on Wednesday (2nd March) where Mr Hyde will be showing off," Steph says. "Having said that we went out yesterday and he was a monster! My marks ranged from 3 (for our walk to canter) up to a double score of 9's for our extended walk! I saw those high marks as my 'get out of jail free card' and despite hardly being able to bring myself to look at the scoreboard, he came away with a 65% and 67% so without the 'hiccups' we would have scored over 70%! We are also waiting to hear if he has been successful in gaining a place on the BEF Equine Pathway for Future Dressage Horses, which would be brilliant as it gives you access to team vets, experts, training and general support."

"Rimmer (Mr P) has a lesson this Friday with Richard (Davison) as we are building up to Myerscough Premier League on 13th March. He is absolutely firing all cyclinders at the moment and is acting more like a wild 5 year old than an aged 17 year old! He has had his best winter yet and looks better than ever - we eased the pressure off him because we have been concentrating on Mr Hyde and it has done him the world of good so we are looking forward to getting him out - as long as I can hold him!"

"We are gearing up for the demos which start on 18th March at Northallerton. It should be interesting to see how Mr Hyde reacts to crowds of people. I hope to see lots of you there and don't forget there are still a few days left to enter the competition on the Nedz site to win tickets!"