Steph is cracking on for 2013

Steph Croxford is looking forward to a fab 2013 with her string of horses. "December ended well with an outing to Fieldhouse with Mr P to do a PYO Grand Prix test," Steph tells us. "Freddie, the youngster, did his first test, an unaffiliated Trailblazers competition as well. To fit around the children I could only do Novice 43 and Elementary 44 so he had a bit of a baptism of fire bless him! He was great though and we winged round both tests - almost parted company at A when he walked on the wrong side of the board and it flicked up and banged him on the belly, but apart from them he was brilliant. Simon of course was totally oblivious as he was reading! He scored 65% in the novice and 67.6% in the Elementary - which was a bit of a shock I have to admit!"

"Clyde has just had some lessons with Richard and we have gone full speed from Medium to Grand Prix in the space of just a few weeks! I was a bit shocked - happily doing some half pass, leg yields and pirouettes, then started doing some changes and he asked me to do some two time changes, so I thought 'ooooh haven't been asked to do those before' but we did them, then he said 'great, now show me some ones' - gulp - so I came round and did around eleven one time changes to which he responded with 'I said SOME'! Little did he know that once I started them I couldn't really stop! So Clyde is now pretty much doing the same kind of things as Mr P!"

"We had Your Horse magazine here before Christmas doing a photo shoot, the topic was about confidence for horse and rider and we were supposed to be demonstrating spookiness - which usually Clyde would do perfectly - however on this particular day he was feeling very chilled out and he didn't look at anything!"

"Christmas was quite non-horsey, we went and watched some pantos, Annabel and Ben both got bikes for Christmas so we were out with them lots and now we are looking ahead to 2013! Clyde is going to Swallowfield to do an Advanced Medium and PSG qualifier and then hopefully Mr P will be going to the High Profile Show at Addington on 19th January - fingers crossed!"