Steph has her hands full this month!

This month when we caught up with Steph Croxford she was up to her arms in.... jam making! Yes, due to the abundance of strawberries (better than Sainsbury's according to Steph) and blackcurrants they have growing she was tackling the brave task of making jam with two small children! "Currently I am looking after 7 horses, 8 puppies, 2 children and a husband with a broken leg," she tells us. "Simon was riding Captain Mac (the 3 year old) down to the field when a nesting pheasant jumped out of a bush! Simon tried to land on his feet but instead snapped his leg in two places just above the ankle!"

"Needless to say things are a little bit hectic here now," she goes on to say. "I tried to continue riding Captain Mac and Mr Hyde for a week and then gave up so the youngster has been turned away and I am just keeping Clyde ticking over. Trying to get the two of them ridden, mucked out and Annabel to playschool, whilst mucking out puppies, looking after Ben and Simon, as well as keeping Annabel's hectic social life going was too much!"

"On the plus point Clyde has qualified for Medium and Advanced Medium at the Regionals now and he also qualified for the Shearwater 6 Year Old championships - meaning he has qualified for everything he can do as a 6 year old. Unfortunately we won't be able to go to the finals because they are too far away (Hartpury and Hickstead) and I can't drive, look after the children and ride without Simon. So, we are aiming for the Somerford Regionals with Clyde and (touching lots of wood) he is going really well - we just have to solve the tension issue!"

"Mr P is looking good, I was going to start walking him before Simon broke his leg but I am looking at it that it was fate telling us it wasn't the right time so we will start once things have calmed down a bit. The new colt, George, is brilliant - he is so brave and bold, I can pick his feet out, brush him and he lets me do anything. We are still not sure what colour he is going to be but we think bay with white socks - what kind of bay though I don't know!"

"I think we are going to put 2011 down to experience!" were the words Steph finished her update with. We would like to wish Simon a speedy recovery and will let you all know how Steph gets on at the Regionals.