Steph has a month of ups and downs

Since we last caught up with Steph Croxford she has been through some ups and downs with her gang of horses...

"Mr P went to Somerford Park and won the Grand Prix," says Steph, "in fact we beat Richard Davison! Ten days later we returned to Somerford Park to do another test, he warmed up well, we took his bandages off and I thought he felt a little odd - I then went in to the test and he didn't feel right in his extensions. I was in that awful predicament of what to do but once I got off him I could feel no heat and there was no swelling. One week later he was prancing around his coral full of it, absolutely fine, so I don't know what caused it! Next stop for him is Hartpury Premier League this Thursday (4th July) to do the Grand Prix."

"Mr Hyde did his first Inter 1 at Fieldhouse and he got 67.93% which I was pleased with. I am struggling to find places for him to go out to locally but I am hoping to get him in to Hartpury this week as an outing before the regionals which are on 7th/8th August at Frys. We are on the waiting list so fingers crossed!"

"Freddie went out and qualified for the Shearwater Young Horse Class but unfortunately his coughing has become so bad that we have had to make the decision to retire him. We have tried everything but medication has actually made him worse, so he will now be a very beautiful field ornament. Hopefully we will have a new young horse in the team very soon though so watch this space!"