Steph has a hiccup at the Nationals

We chat to Nedz sponsored rider, Steph Croxford to find out how the Nationals went with Mr Hyde...

"Well what a fiasco the Inter 2 was at the Nationals this year! I was reliably informed by the BD office sometime ago that the test that was going to be used for the Championships was the new BD 2014 Int 2. Mr Hyde and I arrive all practiced in plenty of time. We look in the BD program to indeed find that it is the BD 2014 Int 2. As we had sometime to waste, we go for a wonder aground the shops, where we bump into fellow competitor Roger Gregory who proceeds to tease us stating that it is not the BD Int 2 but the FEI Int 2. We both finally agree that according to the program, it is indeed the BD 2014 Int 2."

"A few minutes later Roger comes running up to me shouting that it actually IS the FEI Int 2. Simon and I tell him to stop winding me up. He states that the Championship Office have indeed just told him that the program is wrong and it is the FEI Int 2 test. By this point it is 15 minutes before the class is due to start. I'm beginning to loose the will to live. I go into the office and state that BD told me on the phone that it was the BD 2014 Int 2. They reply that it's what ever is in the schedule. On looking in the schedule I notice that it actually doesn't mention a test for the Int 2 at all!! The office state that they will put up a notice on the window of the office informing competitors of the test change."

"By this stage at least half of the competitors are on their horses in the warm up! I have less than 20 mins to learn a completely different test to the one I had learned. Clyde absolutely tried his best but the whole test looked like we were lacking in communication. Combined with a low flying aircraft coming over our arena in the middle of the test, our score of 62.7% was actually very respectable - and that was with 7 enormous errors! Without these errors we would have been right up there. So it was frustrating but when I showed Richard (Davison) the video he said that it was all good and he was being very helpful. I can account for everything in the test and it is just a shame that the FEI test is so similar to the Grand Prix, which meant he was 'helping' me by doing the GP movements! On the plus points he coped with the whole thing very well, was good in the warm up and not phased by the grandstands so all in all well done Clyde!"

"In other news, Clooney is off to his first trip to Richards next week and has been out to see white boards. Mr P is a hooligan as always and needs to go out to a competition! Funnily enough since we allegedly retired him he has been feeling stronger and more powerful than ever!"

"Our next stop is the High Profile Show at Vale View at the end of October where we will be doing Grand Prix! Wish us luck!"