Steph gets in to Olympia

We have exciting news from Steph this month! "We have just found out that we have got to Olympia," she tells us. "However since finding out I haven't actually been able to ride him due to the snow! I have been out to dig the school out many times but each time it simply gets covered again so I have given up now!"

"I have also been asked to do the Pas De Deux with Anna Ross-Davies at the Nationals which will be great if we can get together to practice. In addition to this Clyde has now qualified for the Regional Medium Championships which makes my life easier, we were in the right place at the right time!"

"Annabel is doing a stirling job with Jessy, her pony, not even the snow stops her! Her latest comment was "Mummy, when do I get to have a lesson with Richard? I want to do what you do, piaffe," so she is already turning in to a little dressage diva, at age 3! Apart from that I have been helping teach at Pony Club and we are working on a demo for next year, so watch this space!"