Steph faces the ups and downs of dressage judging!


In the latest catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford she discusses the perils of judging...

“I had a lovely Mother’s Day. The children very sweet, Annabel spent Saturday designing a treasure hunt for me, with labels, clues and little messages so I could find my presents! I got lots of chocolate (which I have been told I have to share) hand made cards and two huge bunches of daffodils!”

“I did a PYO Grand Prix at Fieldhouse with Mr Hyde which was rather entertaining, I started my test then realised the judge that was supposed to be judging me was sitting in the café – so after a hustle and bustle, about 25 minutes later I started again and then, had to wait to do my next test before literally galloping across the warm up, throwing the horse at Simon and jumping in the car to pick up Annabel from after school club! It wasn’t quite the relaxing day I had hoped for. Despite this I ended up with 75% in the Inter 2 and 70% in the Grand Prix! Julie was also there doing her first Advanced Medium with Mr P and they scored a very respectable 66%! Rimmer had a lovely time and towed Julie round – she was rather fuchsia pink when she came out and was knackered but he had a whale of a time!” 

“Next stop was Myerscough to do the Inter 1 & 2 at the Premier League Show. I was winning in the Inter 2 until the very last minute. Two judges had me clearly leading by around 3% but one judge had me virtually at the bottom! So I ended up coming second by 1 mark which was very frustrating. But still, we qualified for the Nationals at Inter 2 first time out. It just amazes me that one judge can see something so different! Next stop is Keysoe at the end of April – he has never been there before so it could be interesting.”