Steph embraces the Olympics!

It has been a quiet month on the competing front for Steph but she has got into the patriotic spirit to support Team GB. "We have just got back from a fabulous two days in London," she says. "We went up for cross country day because the thought of keeping two small children occupied during the dressage just didn't appeal!"

"All four of us absolutely loved it! The weather was gorgeous and the carnival atmosphere was electric! Right from the moment we got on the river ferry it was like one big party! The volunteers and officials are brilliant and even when in the centre of London there are volunteers helping anyone who has got lost! We got to see the princes which was very exciting and watched Team GB ride some fantastic cross country rounds, including fellow Nedz sponsored rider Mary King! We then went and did the whole London experience, had a trip on the wheel, which was amazing as you can see many of the Olympic venues, and the colours are fantastic! We definitely embraced the Olympic spirit!"

"As for the horses, Mr P has been ticking along, I am planning to take him out once this month but we are really saving ourselves for the Nationals in September. Mr Hyde went and did his first PSG at Fieldhouse last week which despite being a bit of a nightmare he still scored 63%. The horse flies were awful and if you were doing anything less than canter the horses were covered in them so in the Advanced Medium he wasn't great - I considered withdrawing from the PSG but then thought better of it. I thought we were doing a Pick Your Own test and started off doing PSG 2000, however the bell soon went and it turned out they had entered me in the PSG 2009 which meant I had an error of course and then Simon had to read the test to me without me having a clue where I was going! So all things considering we didn't do badly!"

"I am looking forward to the Olympic dressage starting, and even have an interview with Radio Derby on Friday morning at 7.45am to talk about Richard Davison! Tune in if you are in the area!"