Steph Croxford's progress over the winter...

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford to find out how her team are doing...

"Since my last update I have been to Vale View with Clyde to do the Grand Prix. It was the day after Halloween and clearly Clyde thought the monsters were still hiding in A corner! Unfortunately we had a lot of movements down the centre line, including my canter pirouettes and zig zags, so setting them up wasn't exactly easy! However, at the other end of the arena when he relaxed he did some really nice work and despite the tense bits we still got over 65% and came 4th. It just proves what he will be capable of when he is relaxed for the whole test! We are chalking that one up to experience and our next stop is Bury Farm High Profile show this weekend where we have decided to do the Inter 1 before the Grand Prix as his arena walk. He is always better when he has seen an arena so I think for the next few tests we will do this and hopefully he will be more relaxed in the Grand Prix."

"Clooney has been out and done a Novice 24 in the break at Barleyfields Equestrian Centre. Instead of actually competing I asked if I could pay for my test and ride him in the break, and they were very happy with this so off we went and he surprised us with how good he was. It is always worth asking if this is possible when you go to do a test with a young horse and takes the pressure off, giving you the chance to get the horse's confidence up before tackling a real test."

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"Mr P is still on fire! Sue Carson has been riding him and I am thinking about allowing him to go out and do an Inter 2. His Grand Prix days are over but while he is still on fine form he is better to be kept supple and moving. He is still a hoon as ever!"