Steph Croxford's memorable Grand Prix Special!

We caught up with Steph Croxford - and what a month she and her team have had! Some firsts that she would love to repeat - and some others that she'd perhaps rather not!! From Grand Prix debuts to motorway madness, find out what Steph has been up to recently!

"Well we had an eventful trip to Holland! We got there and had a lovely couple of days competing with Mr Hyde, combined with some beautiful trips to the beach. Clyde travelled really well and tried his hardest in the tests - but I am not sure quite knew what to make of him! We varied from 63 - 68%! It was his first ever Grand Prix Special and he got everything - which was especially impressive seeing as we have never been through it as a whole as my school is only 37m long! We finished middle of the class and despite us choosing it as his first CDI because we thought it would be low key, the world and their dogs were there - including a lot of Olympic riders with their young horses."


"The journey home, however, did not go to plan and we broke down on the M25 at junction 22, which lead to the motorway having to be closed both directions so we could unload Clyde and load him on to the breakdown transport. I got home with the children and Clyde in the recovery vehicle at 2.30am and poor Simon got home at 8.30am with our wagon! It wasn't the best end to our little excursion!"

"Next stop was Keysoe Premier League to do the Grand Prix. Richard (Davison) has been very much emphasising that less is more when it comes to the test, and rather than me going in their and really attacking for every movement, my aim was to relax. However, we were both so relaxed that we didn't get our changes! Despite this we still came 4th in a class of 25 with 66.93%, and had we not messed those up we would have won! Frustrating, but as Richard says, we need to take risks and experiment to get the better marks and normally I would have been too nervous to trust him to relax but I actually enjoyed it!"

"Next stop is Addington Premier League - wish us luck!"