Steph Croxford spurs towards a win!

We caught up with Steph Croxford to see how her summer is panning out. It has been a month of true highs and lows - the very highest high a red ribbon with Mr Hyde, and the lowest low some sad news about her homebred, George.

"Our recent outing with Mr Hyde to Sheepgate Premier League was successful and once again a big learning curve. In the first Grand Prix test he was much more relaxed - but so much so that we had a few annoying mistakes - but he still won it with 69.63%! So the next day I changed my spurs to get him listening a little bit more and it is fair to say that relaxation and softness wasn't quite the priority this time!"

"I got all my changes but after worrying about them I relaxed going into the pirouettes - as this is something he is usually really good at - and I think my new sharp spurs were a bit too much and he got a bit overactive behind and unbalanced! He was still 2nd though with 67.77%!"

"It has made me realise that when we get our act together he is definitely capable of over 70% scores so I am really pleased with him. We also took Clooney along 'for the ride' to see how he coped in the environment - and I can just about say I survived!"

Steph C June blog

"In some sad news, our homebred, George, has now retired to the blood bank. Sadly we found that he had a fractured extensor process and would never be sound enough to ride. He has suffered on and off with abscesses for a few years and we had him X rayed thinking that he may have a bit of grit in the white line. It was a real shock to see the fracture but the vets said it could either have been caused by a trauma or a weakness in the area. It is very sad, but we are so lucky to get him into the blood bank and he can at least live a full and happy life there."

"The next plan is to go to Hartpury Premier League with Mr Hyde and then off to Deauville which we will turn into a holiday with the kids too!"