Steph Croxford restores her confidence

We caught up with Steph Croxford to hear about her travels since "disastrous" Deauville, and how she has bounced back in October!

"After our disastrous trip to Deauville we took Mr Hyde to Vale View where he scored a 69.6% in the Grand Prix and restored our confidence. It was then full steam to the Nationals! He settled in and was quite happy, despite us arriving on the Friday evening and not being able to get into any of the arenas - so our warm up was a hack round the estate in the dusk!"

"The following morning we were up bright and early for the 6am arena walk and he was very good in the warm up. In the test I made 2 expensive mistakes - one at the end of my twos and one in the canter change - despite this he still got 66.2% and without those expensive mistakes we would have been in the top 5! It was a respectable score considering and I was pleased because I would have normally fallen to pieces and blown the rest of the test - however I pulled it together and rode every other element with conviction!"


"We recently went to Vale View High Profile Show - Clyde hates the fact that they always have ribbons by the arenas so the first test, the Grand Prix Special, every time we went past A he refused to bend and was giving me the 'don't make me' attitude! Despite this we still came 3rd. But it made me determined in the Grand Prix and I desensitised him a bit to the ribbons in the indoor warm up. It was a much better test but frustratingly on the first centre line he did a beautiful square halt, set off in trot, did a beautiful transition, went three strides and then fell back to trot! Again though, I pulled it together and did a much better test and got 69.6% and came second to Bobby Hayler on a lovely horse!"

"Next stop is Bury Farm High Profile Show in December! We have also been asked to be a guinea pig for Stephen Clarke at the judging seminar in a week."

"Clooney is suffering from 'changes'itis' at the moment - getting our legs in the right place seems to be a challenge! Mr P is a wallowing mud monster and is teaching youngster Sherlock very bad habits. You currently can't really see his eyes for the mud!"