Steph Croxford - Le Mans and a new arrival

Steph Croxford has had a busy few weeks with a trip to Le Mans in France, the arrival of a new prospect and regional qualifiers. We caught up with her in one of her quieter moments!

“We had a lovely trip to Le Mans in France with Mr Hyde, who tried really hard for me out there. He finished 7th in the Grand Prix with some of the European judges not quite being sure on our music, or him, so it was a good result really. He did everything I asked and that is all you can hope for. It was a nice place to go to and another one off our bucket list. We have had a busy year this year going to six International competitions – four of them being abroad and two at home, so I do feel pleased with what we have achieved and also feel ready for a little break for Mr Hyde. I really wanted to make progress this year with Mr Hyde relaxing in his tests and I do think we have managed to do this and de-stress a little!”

“The last thing I would love to achieve this year is competing at Olympia but this is looking a bit unlikely. It is very hard to get into with a small amount of places available and with all the top riders wanting to go I think our chances are quite small. It would be lovely though as it is 10 years since I rode Mr P there, so it would be a bit special! We will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope.”

“Mr Benn has been out a couple of times and is coming on really well. He has been out to try and qualify for regionals which he needs two tests over 60% to do, and I am pleased to say his first attempt was a test of 70% which was brilliant. We are also digging out and starting on the music tests. We also had a great trip to the beach when we missed Valeview and so detoured with the kids and ponies in tow!”

“We also have a new addition to introduce – a two year old colt (although he may have had the snip by the time this is up) called Jurist. I am really pleased with him – he arrived after a long journey a little shell shocked but has shown himself to be a really nice person already. I am looking forward to getting him backed next year and will keep you all up to date with his progress.”

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