Steph Croxford gears up for her first Grand Prix Special!

It is all go in the Croxford Camp with tests and placings being racked up at a rate of knots, and the super-exciting Grand Prix special on the horizon! Catch up with Steph as she describes the preparation, and the learning curve both she and Mr Hyde are on!

"We started the month at Myerscough where Mr Hyde did two very good tests, although the judges had slight discrepancies! He was 5th in the Music, which I was a bit disappointed with as I thought he had gone very well but came 3rd in the Grand Prix with 67.6% so I was happy with that."


"Then it was on to Addington to the High Profile Show. We had to be there from the Wednesday so I went on my own which was very brave! On the Thursday we had the trot up and I didn't know what he would do as he has never trotted up before but he was very good and he actually settled really well. The Grand Prix was on the Friday night and he did a good test but I was a bit disappointed by the mark having watched the video back. He did the best he could at this point in his training. We then did the music the day after and we have decided that the floorplan doesn't suit him or me. It seems to highlight his weaknesses and I get panicky about where I should be, which then makes him tense. However it is all a learning curve and we have decided to kick that floorplan to the curb and create a new one which means that our planned trip to Nieuw en Sint Joosland CDI in Holland has changed ever so slightly"

"We are now entered to do the Grand Prix special - and this is something we have never done before! There is lots of extended passage, walk to piaffe, 9 one-time changes into a canter pirouette - lots to do! It always worked really well for Mr P as it highlighted what he was good at, and I am taking the approach of if I don't give it a try I will never know, so that is what Mr Hyde is off to do on 7th April! We are making it our Easter holiday and taking the children for a road trip across Europe - there is a beach nearby so armed with buckets and spades we are sure it will be fun."

"Clooney is off to do a demo with Sue Carson this weekend which hopefully I will survive! He is going well and has mastered his flying changes from the right to left leg, however going from left to right prompts a nervous breakdown at the moment! Mr P is happy as larry in his field with George!"