Steph Croxford - Cracking on with the boys

Steph Croxford has had a busy few weeks getting the boys out and about, that was until her lorry put paid to Mr Benn’s recent trip for some practice.

‘Mr Hyde had a good couple of early outings including a win at Msyercough in the Grand Prix to music. He had a couple of little errors in the Grand Prix ending up third overall. This was a warm up for the first CDI of the year at Keysoe.’

‘There he scored 68% in the Grand Prix, reasonable in the music but unfortunately the foreign judges didn’t really seem to get his music which was a shame but it isn’t to everyone’s taste’ said Steph.

‘Mr Benn was supposed to head out after Keysoe but unfortunately the lorry had other ideas instead so we ended up staying at home to have a lesson instead. We are now aiming to get our Regional qualifiers in place for the Advance Medium before then cracking on with the PSG and starting to develop our Grand Prix work.’

‘With Mr Hyde we are waiting to hear on competing in the next CDI which is just north of Paris so we can plan to take the kids to Euro Disney as well, so fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks until we hear on the selection.’  

‘We have also been cracking on with my youngster Jurist, long reining and lunging and we have also leant over him. He will be heading off for backing and breaking soon and I look forward to updating you all on his progress.’

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