Steph Croxford - CDI success

We caught up with Steph who updated us with what she had been up to since her trip to Belgium with Mr Hyde

"So when we chatted last myself and Mr Hyde were heading to Belgium to compete out there. I was pleased with our results overall out there as Clyde produced four consistent tests in an arena I did think might prove a bit much for him."

"Thankfully I got myself in every warm up and walkaround I could so once I got into the arena for the competition he had got very use to it all."

"We then headed on holiday to America for a nice break with the kids. Although I am not sure going to Florida and all the theme parks can be classed as much of a break. Luckily we did five days of rides and five days relaxing!"

"We then returned home and I had five days to turn around Mr Hyde, who had had two and a half weeks holiday from work before heading to compete at Keysoe CDI. I only managed to squeeze in one practise for my music test, so to be honest I was just hoping to get through everything without embarrassing myself or forgetting anything!"

"However Clyde pulled it out the bag and we had some great results coming 4th in the GP behind Carl, Charlotte & Henrietta with 67.53% and we also gained a fantastic 71.1% & 5th in our Kur, even with a couple of mistakes. So you could say I was very happy!"

"Looking ahead we have a competiton at Addington and I am also hoping to get Mister Benn out again as he has had to be put on the back burner for a while. We are also currently having our house knocked down and renovated to it is all a little manic! Nothing like keeping busy ..."

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