Steph blogs about her hopes for Mr Hyde in 2014


In the first blog of 2014 Steph Croxford talks through her hopes for this year with Mr Hyde (Clyde)…

“We finished off the year by doing the High Profile Show at Bury Farm, where Clyde did his first Inter 2. He came third with just under 65% despite a catalogue of mistakes which just showed me what potential he has if we get it right! Having never been to Bury Farm I didn’t realise quite how close things were to the arena, so things like the café caused us a bit of grief!"

"My hopes for this year are that Clyde will be at Grand Prix level by the end of the year. We are really concentrating on him and how he copes with the jump up to the next level. His next outing is the High Profile show at Addington, where, having learnt from my previous mistake, I will do the PSG first to write off, and then the Inter 2. He is usually better in the second test so hopefully it will be much calmer and he will be able to cope!"

"We have been working on Clyde’s extended trot as currently he only does extended passage! So his knee comes up but he doesn't point his toes. It was suggested by Richard that we taught him Spanish walk to help him learn how to extend his legs so we set to work! What should have taken three weeks took us about 4 days and now when I say ‘out’ he points his toe, and then I say ‘other leg’ and the opposite one waves around! It is very interesting to say the least!"

"Mr P will continue ticking over a few times a week and maybe going to a local competition if he feels like it, however he is currently mimicking a hippo in the field. George has had an abscess so had to be in and Clooney, the 4/5 year old needed a companion so the old man has been turfed out, which he thinks is wonderful!"