Some very exciting news for Lucy Straker!

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider, Lucy Straker, following her first competition with new team member, Elmo...

"It's been busy busy busy here the last few weeks! My boys and I have been training hard and it is all paying off. I took my new boy Elmo to his first competition 2 weeks ago and he was a little star! He was so well behaved which was a relief as we don't know anything about his past life before he came to us and he scored a solid 68% in a medium test!

Lots to work on but couldn't have been happier with him! Here he is wearing his Nedz saddle cloth with pride!"


"The same day I also took Alfie to have a run through his Inter 1 test and iron out a few issues we had been having and he was absolutely awesome and scored our personal best of 73.2% at that level! I really can't wait till next years premier league shows to start!! My baby 4 yr old is going really eek too at home but he just won't stop growing!!! Amongst all the training and teaching I also managed to find time to get engaged!! So next year is going to be very busy competition wise and a little wedding planning to do! All very exciting!! Now all my horses are spending a few less hours out in the fields with the shorter days they are really appreciating their cosy Nedz beds!! Thanks Nedz for making my horses so happy and warm in their stables!"