See how the season is progressing for Mary King

Even though Rolex and Badminton are over, Mary King is still as busy as ever! We find out what she has been up to for her latest blog... 

"It's been rewarding to concentrate on Chubby and Jay, who are both intermediate level, during May," she says. "A number of their events had been canceled earlier in the season so the runs at Aston Le Walls (Chubby 8th and Jay 2nd), and Rockingham Castle (both good dressage tests and quiet double clears) prepared them well for Tattersalls CCI**, their main aim for the Spring season. We had a quick turn around after Houghton Hall horse trials where I was just Mummy and groom for Emily who rode two in the junior CCI*."

"Emily also had two for Tatts, Brookleigh in the CCI** (competing against me!) and Miss Indigo in the junior CCI*. We had a great fun week with plenty of Irish craic!! All four horses went well. Emily finished on her dressage score on both hers, but there was some discrepancy in the judges marks, in fact 25 out of line between them (bit embarrassing for the judge) so she was disappointed but unfortunately it happens sometimes. She still finished an impressive 7th on Indi and 15th on Brook. Both her rounds across country were superb."

"It was Chubby's first two star and he was a bit jolly in the dressage, but coped well across country and had one show jump down. Jay, who is a year older, showed real class in all three phases. He finished 12th... sadly one show jump down (my fault) was the difference between 3rd and 12th. So now their is a short break of events before Salperton, Stonar, and Aachen (with Archie). Tess has produced an embryo by Chilli Morning which has been transferred to a recipient mare at Twemlows Embryo Transfer Centre, so fingers crossed that works out."

"Despite never normally buying horses myself, last autumn a 3 year old caught my attention at Ran Arbel's in Shropshire and I decided to buy him. He was broken in last year but as we have a quiet week he will be coming in to be re-broken and brought on a bit. He is called Dan and has a lot of thoroughbred in him, with a bit of Holstein. I am looking forward to seeing how he progresses so watch this space!"

"Next week I am having a non horsey week starting with an invite to the Royal Box at the Queen's Tennis on Monday! Then we are off to Spain for a few days before the next flush of events."