Preparation is key!


Are you thinking about getting out this season in the Dressage arena? Maybe you are looking to try and step up a level and improve your scores? Well we have spoken to Nedz rider Steph Croxford who gives us her top tips on getting dressage ready, from basic schooling at home to controlling the nerves at a competition.

What are your top tips for making the most of schooling at home?
  • Always make sure your schooling has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is very important to maintain this structure throughout your practise
  • Ensure you warm your horse up correctly before asking for more 'complicated' training moves. Keep your horse soft and relaxed throughout any schooling
  • It is just as important to warm your horse down as it is warming them up. Make sure you leave time at the end for them to cool down, relax and stretch properly 
How do you remain calm at competitions?
  • One way I keep my nerves under control is by visualising myself riding the test. I do it in the wagon on the way there, I do it in the warm up arena and just before I head in to compete
  • Preparation is everything. Prepare before the test, prepare in the warm up and prepare before each movement in the class
  • Remember to try not to panic if something goes wrong in the movement. You always have time to try and correct the movement and can turn a 4 mark around to a 6 if you just get yourself together