Our last chat with Mary before the Olympic Games

With the final Olympic countdown well on the way now, we had our last catch up with sponsored rider Mary King before she embarks on one of the most exciting few weeks of her life! "As Gatcombe was cancelled we took some of the horses to affiliated show jumping at The Hand yesterday (Friday 13th July) and although I had one down in each class they went well," she tells us. "Emily actually did better than me! I was really gutted to learn that Gatcombe had to cancel, not just for me, but for all the organisers and people involved as they work so hard. There is talk of it being held later in the year but whether they can find a date for it I am not sure."

"We took the baby horses to Nutswell Horse Trials - although it was actually relocated to Bicton because of the ground, but Cavalier Venture went very well and did a 26 dressage and double clear to win the section, so now he has been upgraded to Intermediate Level. He was due to go to the Novice Championships this weekend but that has obviously been cancelled! Emily also rode Apache Sauce in the Open Novice and did a 32 dressage and double clear to finish fifth so she was pleased."

"On Tuesday (10th July) we went up to Loughborough for the Olympic kitting out day - it was such fun! Adidas had a photo booth encouraging us to be a bit silly with our kit and they called it the Team GB Experience - and it certainly was a fantastic experience! We got given so much kit, even down to sports bras, there were no knickers this year though! Baselayers, jogging bottoms, hoodies, waterproofs, flip flops, towels, sunglasses - everything we could possibly need for our stay in the Olympic Village - I think I went away with 2 huge luggage bags full of kit and two smaller bags as well! We also got given two suits - one for the opening ceremony and one for more formal occasions. I have to say, the jury is still out on the Olympic ceremony outfit - I am told that it will look fantastic with all the athletes in the ceremony, we will have to wait and see! Jodie Rourke, by head girl also got kitted out which she loved."

"We had a shoot with Horse & Hound magazine this week as well for one of the forthcoming weeks covers, it was held at Hartpury and worked brilliantly as my son, Freddie, was competing in the National Athletic Championships in Birmingham that day so we did a round trip. He did very well, finishing 4th in the 400m out of the whole country - although he doesn't ride he is very sporty."

"Archie is feeling great, the next few weeks he has still got lots of galloping work to do - it is a bit nerve wracking as you would like to wrap them in cotton wool until Greenwich but the fitness work is still crucial to make sure he can deal with the hills. We had some dressage fine tuning with Ferdi and then we have our final team training session at Addington this week where both Archie and Tess will be going. There are still quite a few formalities to sort out, we have to go to London to get our accreditation and we have paperwork to fill out and meetings to attend, then we will pick up our Team GB trunks ready to pack and be collected next Monday (23rd July), before we take the horses into Greenwich on the Tuesday."

"I am very excited - going to the kitting out day made it all feel real and I am starting to have dreams about the competition - as I often do leading up to a big event - and I find myself day dreaming about the Games whilst out hacking!"

So all that is left to say is a HUGE GOOD LUCK MARY and of course to the rest of Team GB! We cannot wait until 27th July when it all kicks off!