Contrary to the recent spate of news pieces discussing the UK bedding industry and in particular citing unconfirmed problematic straw shortages, Nedz have released a short statement regarding these unproven issues.

“Although it is true that the bad weather of the last year has effected the UK bedding industry and in some cases meant prices have risen for certain products and one company in particular, we at Nedz have managed to have enough straw from our harvest to keep up with demand from all our buyers and suppliers. Unlike many other companies Nedz have also kept their prices the same since 2013, with only a small rise following last years challenging harvest.”

“There have been many sweeping statements made recently, particularly by non straw suppliers that prices will be rising due to shortages, however there is no firm evidence to support this currently and it feels that there is a lot of scaremongering going on regarding issues that are not proven. We are disappointed to see many media publishing pieces which have no firm evidence supporting them and pushing a very one sided biased opinion.”

“Although straw in its raw form can be dusty, at Nedz we use top quality straw which then undergoes a process of chopping and shredding, followed by a rigorous dust extraction process which is tailor made by ourselves, to ensure there is absolutely minimal levels of dust in the end product.”

“We currently have no problems with our supply of straw and are looking forward to another successful year of supplying our happy customers with a product they love, at a price which is affordable.”

Nedz Owner – Lisa Cooper-Tomlinson