Never dull at the Croxford residence!

We caught up with Steph just after she returned from taking the kids to Alton Towers for the day! It really is never dull in the Croxford household! "All is going well here," she tells us. "Mr P is working well and feeling very well - we are going to get him back in the school in the next few weeks - however that will be Simon's job as I daren't get on him in the school yet because I will be tempted to do things with him! The aim is that I will start schooling him again just before Christmas and we are hoping to aim for the Premier League show at Myerscough early next spring! Fingers crossed!"

"The new boy Barney is settling in well, he is a cheeky chappy and has a love for jumping," Steph admits. "He practically dragged his rider to the fence when we put a fence up in the school! George is being weaned very soon and has now had his bits off - life is just too short and he was getting quite full of himself! We just found out that his sire, who was the Dutch Harness Champion in 2009, has regained the title for 2011, and his half brother has just won the Youngster Championship too - so hopefully that bodes well for George's future!"

"Clyde is now qualified for Medium and Advanced Medium at the regionals so we are now focusing on doing a dressage to music class at the end of the month," Steph tells us. "That is of course if me and Simon do not divorce before that! Music always brings out the stress between us - I shout at him, he shouts at me - hopefully it will be a harmonious creation at the end of it though! I always try and focus on the movements that the horse is strongest in and try and hide the other bits when planning my test!"

"I also had a fun night out at Aintree this month," she says. "It was to judge the British Riding Clubs Quadrille and I was amazed at the efforts people went to - we had so many costumes including dragons and lions! I judged based on technicality and the winners did a great job. There will be 4 teams going through to compete at Olympia and I will be judging it with Martin Clunes! Annabel absolutely loved seeing all the horses dressed up - gave her something to tell people at school!" As we said before - it is never dull in the Croxford household - keep your eyes out for the next update coming soon.